ARTS 140 – Three-Dimensional Design 

In this studio course students develop awareness of tools, machinery, materials and processes related to art and design in physical space. Students investigate related disciplines within three-dimensional design (namely sculpture, architecture, craft and industrial design) and create studio projects that provide insight for working with form.

  • image: 3-D students install T-Rex group project for the Easton Children’s Museum.

ARTS 240 – Sculpture I 

This course is an introduction to design experimentation with traditional and new problems in a wide range of media.

  • image: Sculpture student Corinne Corey’s linear wood sculpture.


ARTS 125 – Drawing I

This course focuses on methods of direct observational drawing from life using inanimate objects, architecture and the landscape as subjects. It emphasizes realistic rendering of form and space using techniques of perspective and value. It also focuses on developing an understanding of formal design as related to drawing.

  • image: Student Kelli Anderson’s gestural foot study.

ARTH 215 – Global Studio Art Study Tour: TANZANIA 

In this undergraduate study tour students are introduced to art making and learn about the art and culture of Tanzania. Students work as an artist, teacher, and as a community service provider. This is a unique opportunity for BSU students to learn in Tanzania through first-hand involvement in the community.

  • image: Tour student Kelsey Andrade works with Baraka on a project (photo: student Crystal Ptaceck).

ARTH 215 – Global Studio Art Study Tour: NEW ZEALAND

In this undergraduate study tour students are introduced to art making and learn about the art and culture of New Zealand. Students create works of art based on the experiences on the tour. Students work as an artist while recording the unique landscape of New Zealand. This is a unique opportunity for BSC students interested in exploring the rich culture and beauty of New Zealand.

  • image: Tour student Shawna Post completes landscape studies.

ARTH 199 – First Year Seminar: Art as National Identity 

The purpose of this course is to develop the writing ability of first-year college students. In this course students explore the use of art to create a national identity. Students rediscover works of art that have been imprinted on the American mind, namely The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial. Students expand their knowledge of artwork related to other countries’ national identities. Students also research how contemporary artists are questioning and re-presenting the relationship between art and country and the controversies that ensue.

  • image: Portrait of Mao Tse-tung in Tiananmen Square.

EDHM 425/459 – Strategies for Teaching – Visual Art – preK-12 

Strategies, including methods, materials and media for teaching are studied. Developing competency and versatility is stressed through simulations and guided teaching in area schools.

  • image: Student Marcus Casey visiting a Boston after-school program and sharing a toy design project with children ages 5-10.

EDHM 490 – Teaching Practicum 

Prospective teacher candidates are assigned appropriate student teaching stations where they work in an approved situation under an experienced supervising teacher or as a teacher of record. Teacher candidates are functioning as educators in order to meet Massachusetts professional standards for teachers.

  • image: Student teacher Thoa Nguyen proposes ideas for teaching art.